Yes, this is actually happening, so nope you're not dreaming! I really miss blogging and making videos. Filming and editing this made me realize that this is my favorite thing to do! 

There are three looks in this video for different types of Valentine's Day activities/events. I feel like most videos on Valentine's day looks style dressy looks that are more appropriate for warmer climates. Now, I LOVE to dress up, but... in reality there's only a handful of occasions that I dress up for, except Sundays. So I'm here for y'all who feel like me. I got you! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did filming and editing it.

Thank you to my friend Nyiha for helping me film. Thank you for being so patient with me and taking all my directions without punching me in the face. Haha. You are the best!




How To Wear Black And White Without Looking Boring

What's up friends? Today, I decided to show you how to wear Black and White without looking plain and boring. Welcome to class. Lol.
Black and White are the go-to colors that would come to mind for a formal event. This is even more true for guys. Lol. For my ladies, however, if you're like me, you will never ever wear a plain White shirt with a plain Black skirt. Ever.

Jacket: Dynamite | Dress: Sirens | Shoes: JustFab 

My #1 tip is color! To add dimension and interest to this outfit, I played around with color. Instead of going for the usual Black, White and Red, I paired a Turquoise snake print sandal with the outfit. I also added a splash of Orange with a belt to define my waistline. I usually like to do a bright red lip color too.

My blazer and dress are of two different materials and prints: Chiffon & Jacquard. This helps to add texture to the look, which makes the outfit look more fun and stylish. So you can mix prints, or pair a bold color with a Black and White print.

However, if you would still like to go for a more minimalist but chic look, you can do a well structured skirt with a different texture than usual (leather pencil skirt, Scuba midi skirt, Black skater midi skirt, high waist wide leg pants, a leather mini skirt). For a blouse, try different sleeve lengths, materials, cuts, etc). 
And the simplest tip of all, it doesn't always have to be White on top, you can turn it around! 

I was a bit iffy about the Orange belt? What do you guys think? Belt or No Belt?





I missed you guys soooooo much! So first things first. I know you're probably wondering what in the world I've been up to. As I said previously, this is my busiest Summer yet; however, I have found myself writing poems in the form of spoken word recently... I know!

It really helps to lift the weight off my chest. gladly. A lot of them center around my personal struggles (obviously) and society's standards. Is any of you into open mic/spoken word? 

On the note of speaking from the heart, I decided to do the popular 'Closet Confidential Tag' on my YouTube. I had a blast recording it. Step by step I'm getting less awkward in front of the camera and personality is shining through. Haha. Editing and uploading was a nightmare but I'm glad I finally got through with it. :) You can click here to watch it bigger on YouTube.

I hope you guys enjoy. See you soon!